HydraData – The Technology

The medical community has long recognized the critical role of proper hydration as part of a healthy lifestyle. HydraData, a hydration recording, monitoring, and communicating system, was developed and patented by Assistive Technology Products (ATP), Inc. as an aide in helping individuals in a variety of circumstances to maintain a proper hydration level.

Current Intake Data with Data shown NEWHydraData generates a personal fluid intake record called a User Hydration Profile (UHP) and can communicate that data to various medical, industrial, or personal health apps.  The UHP provides both individual users or anyone supervising an individual’s fluid intake with the technology to view, in real-time, each drink, the measurable amount of each drink, the time the drink event occurred, and cumulative totals for each user.

As a useful tool to remind people to maintain an optimal hydration level, HydraData also provides alerts to users and supervisors if the preset daily goal or requirement for fluid intake is not met.        LOG IN