About Us

The development of HydraData began in the mid 1990s as a personal mission for Chairman Ed Paukovits and his mother, Dorothy. She had been battling a lengthy illness which had her in and out of medical facilities and finally bedridden at home. During this time, she recognized the problem of keeping properly hydrated and knew firsthand the issues inadequate hydration caused. She said to her son, “Fix the problem”, and the concept for HydraData was born.

Initial funding for ATP, Inc. came from Ed and co-founder, Dave Karpel as well as several private investors. Two local organizations, Ben Franklin Technology Partners and LSGPA, recognized the potential benefit of this technology and, also, invested in ATP.

The first patents for the technology, issued in Dorothy Paukovit’s name, were obtained in 1995. In subsequent years, ATP, Inc. has obtained several additional patents to protect its technology.

Edward J. Paukovits, Jr. is one of ATP’s co-founders.  He has a background in engineering with a focus on technology and cost effective manufacturing.  After an accomplished career, Ed went on to establish a medical manufacturing company that he then negotiated the sale of to an oversees company and insured they remain in Pennsylvania while then playing an instrumental role in establishing the combined companies on the NASDAQ.

Dan Adlon serves a ATP’s Chief Operating Officer.  Dan has degrees in Business Management, Mechanical Design and Architectural Drafting.  His background in leadership roles for medical device companies has extended for more than 20 years.  With ATP, Dan plays a significant role in product design and oversight of manufacturing.

Cliff Teale, a Chartered Accountant, offers over 50 years of high level comprehensive training, experience and accountability in accounting, global logistics and general management including General Manager of Black & Decker, Italy and General Manager of the Black and Decker European Accessory Division.  He is now the Chief Financial Officer for ATP.  For the past 20+ years, Cliff has been a consultant for various companies including Black & Decker U.S.A. as the Director of Intercompanies Worldwide.

Mary Sambrosky is ATP’s Director of Business Development.  Mary brings with her a background in marketing, business management, and start-up/expansion consulting.  Her unique skill set is valuable in the areas of strategic growth and development of ATP as a company.