The HydraData unit consists of two pieces. The first is the reusable electronics device which houses the battery and electronics. The second is a disposable cartridge, much like a straw, through which the fluid flows.  The cartridges can be flushed for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe. These cartridges are inexpensive, allow for a single electronic device to be used many times over by different end-users, and can simply be installed on the re-useable electronics portion of the device every time it is reassigned.

HydraData records the fluid intake of a user and then communicates that data to a secondary smart device through Bluetooth technology. A cellular relay device can, also, be used. Records can be stored up to a full year in the device itself without being communicated to the app, server, etc.  Users will receive alerts if they are consuming too little or too much fluid based on preset daily goals or requirements.

The HydraData device can be fully submerged which means that it can fit in most water bottles, cups, or tumblers using a straw.