ATP, Inc was, initially, created by its founders based on a personal mission to transform hydration healthcare. As the technology and design was developed, HydraData was born. As HydraData progressed, it became apparent that this technology met the needs of several markets where proper hydration is critical: Medical, Industrial, and Personal Health and Fitness.


It has been ATP’s goal from the start to bring proper hydration monitoring and reporting to the modern standard of care in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, hospitals and to the independent practitioners.  HydraData offers this solution and can improve the quality of care and quality of life for the millions of elderly in skilled care or assisted care facilities as well for patients during a hospital stay or their supervised recovery at home.


The use of telemedicine by healthcare professionals allows better supervision of a patient’s condition which can facilitate faster recoveries, fewer complications, and quick responses to unforeseen events, thereby leading to overall wellness and the corresponding cost reductions. HydraData utilizes this telemedical technology and provides the caregiver with a User Hydration Profile (UHP) for the individual under their care. This UHP records the fluid intake of the individual which can be used to monitor proper hydration.


Some companies have reported that as many as 85% of their employees working in extreme conditions suffer from dehydration daily. Globally, these include the energy and mining industries where the level of physical exertion can be high with corresponding fluid depletion. Proper hydration is important in maintaining worker safety and wellness which, in turn, can lead to better productivity.


HydraData offers the employer a method to electronically track the fluid intake of each employee which allows monitoring of individual hydration levels. A User Hydration Profile (UHP) is created for each worker which shows fluid intake. This UHP can enable employers to help their employees maintain appropriate hydration levels throughout their work day while also being able to track and keep accumulated records of their individual and aggregated users.

Personal Health & Fitness

The personal health and fitness market is filled with personal health monitoring devices which relay information back to an app. like Nike’s Fuel Band, Fitbit, Jawbone’s UP.  These types of devices incorporate Bluetooth technology to communicate data they collect about a person’s activity level, heart rate, calories burned, sleep patterns, etc.  One critical component to overall fitness and wellness is proper hydration. Countless medical studies have shown the importance of proper hydration to overall health and fitness as well as the possible negative consequences of dehydration. Now, there is a technology and an app which allows the user to record and view fluid consumption quantities called HydraData.


HydraData generates a personal fluid intake record called a User Hydration Profile (UHP) and can communicate that data to a personal health app.  The UHP provides both individual users or anyone supervising an individual’s fluid intake with the technology to view, in real time, each drink, the measurable amount of each drink, the time the drink event occurred, and cumulative totals for each user. The ability to record and monitor one’s fluid intake can be an invaluable tool to not only the individual following a personal fitness and health routine, but also, to athletes both amateur and professional, their coaches, trainers, team physicians, and even parents.