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Hydration Management Systems
Globally patented devices ready to be privately labeled/distributed

  • US, Canadian and Australian patents, additional US patents published/pending
  • Positive Freedom to Operate
  • Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility certifies marketing in all segments.
  • Recognized by National Institutes of Health as a Therapeutic device
  • FDA Class II Part 880, 510(k) exempt device
  • Manufacturing agreement in FDA-registered facility (HydraData Ultra)
  • Agreement for Existing Tools and Molds (HydraData)
  • Participation in Verizon Innovation Program
  • Negotiating Distribution Agreements for Personal Fitness & Industrial Safety
  • Coordination with EMR platform providers and popular app developers

Product Overview
In the simplest terms these Hydration Management Systems are a personal, self-hydration device. These devices have the ability to provide users with drinking fluid in controllable and recordable amounts. Each system creates a User Hydration Profile (UHP) automatically. These units utilize remote monitoring technology to meet the needs of specific market segments to obtain data and control the devices. Some products include safety features. The entire product line wirelessly communicates data
through Blue Tooth or Cellular connections:Current Intake Data with Data shown NEW

  • Every drink a user takes-recording exact time, date and quantity
  • User Hydration Profile (UHP)-daily, weekly, or entire period of use in real time is viewable
  • Safety and maintenance alerts

Market Overview
While every single person benefits from achieving proper levels of hydration, ATP has identified three major target markets to focus on: Medical, Personal Fitness and Sports, Industrial Safety. In each of these segments the interest is to produce higher levels of health, promote faster recoveries and fewer complications, and increase endurance and performance. Certain units in our product line present a lease option in addition to out right purchase. We see this most applicable in the medical industry. This is also the segment where the primary amount of disposable will be sold. The leading identified areas for product placement in the medical industry are:

  • Home Health
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes & Long-Term Care facilities
  • Healthcare provider benefits from use include:
  • Preventing dehydration & over-hydration (In CHF patients)
  • Meeting regulations – provides an automatic and paperless hydration protocol
  • Reduce hospital admissions/readmissions
  • Circumventing and combating potential litigation
  • Reduced cost of care
  • Potential insurance savings

The personal fitness industry takes advantage of the product line’s monitoring, recording and communication capabilities. This market segment is currently experiencing an evolution of products which are being purchased for personal health monitoring. Sports teams are also being driven to look to new ways of monitoring players to limit preventable injuries and deaths from dehydration. The features of personal health monitoring devices that our product line shares are:

  • Collecting and recording individual’s data with an impact on overall health & fitness
  • Communicate data to an app installed on a smart device
  • Long term gathering of records for use in charting, goal setting and comparison

Industrial safety is another market area where dehydration is a serious and prevalent problem. Companies are looking for a way to monitor, record, and communicate an employee’s hydration intake. ATP’s product line offers them a solution. While offering them the same points of interest as in the personal fitness segment, the objectives are more in line with the medical industry.

More information, including company financials and projections, can be obtained by contacting:
Assistive Product Technology, Inc.
Mary Sambrosky
Director of Business Development