The HydraData technology was designed and developed as a simple, effective system to promote proper hydration by monitoring and recording fluid intake. ATP, Inc. understands and recognizes not only the universal benefit of proper hydration, but also, the different uses and requirements of this technology based on its application: Medical, Industrial, or Personal Health and Fitness. Therefore, different data packaging and/or delivery options are available.

VerizonLogoRGBwebSome clients may want a complete UHP (User Hydration Profile) for each user, but only need to be alerted for those not meeting an individually preset daily requirement.  We offer the option to collect, store, aggregate and analyze the data for you as well as providing a daily report of those individuals not meeting their daily fluid intake goal.

Some clients may find a lease/subscription service best fits their needs.  We are able to put together a customized package with a lease arrangement including the required amount of devices. A monthly payment option can be provided, so no lump sum outlay of resources is required.

There is also the option to purchase the cellular version product of your choice and simply receive the service from us on a monthly basis.  ATP is partnered with Verizon Wireless to bring you dependable service.